Maintenance / Assesments

Worldwide construction, assesment examinations, repairs and maintenance of power plants.

For several years we have been working as a service provider with repairs and maintenance of gas and steam turbines, waste heat boilers and steam generators, heat exchangers, shut - off valves and in the water - steam cycle.

If required, we will also be happy to supplement your team in mechanical construction and welding matters.

Supplier Support / Quality Control

Through on-site presence, support of suppliers and production facilities. We provide quality and progress control according to the given schedule and production plan / cost revision.

  • Production monitoring, welding supervision including NDT.
  • Check and verify processes and workflows.
  • Evaluations of suppliers and manufacturing facilities.
  • General assessments and evaluations.

Construction Site Quality Control / Assembly Support

Exceptional Teamwork and Communication

Construction and assemblies are organized through contractual appointments and budgets inclusively we provide a selection of suppliers, Special Offers and awards.

Inspections and revaluations of welded structures, structural steel components, pipelines and pressure vessels, including NDT inspections such as VT, MT, PT and UT. Radiographic examinations and film evaluation. General Assembly planning is completed and evaluated with all involved parties.

The Organisation and Execution of tasks such as logistics / infrastructure planning / construction site inspections and progress control. We offer On-site management with carefully planned deadlines in fields such as monitoring and execution improvement. We value, as well as require Feedback and annual reports from our Suppliers and Manufacturers.

Pipeline Construction

We assemble our pipelines using intricate systems according to isometrics. The pipelines are welded carefully to every exact measurement. They are pre-assembled and equipped for installation by our assembly crew.

We manufacture all qualities, in C-steel and stainless steel.

Systems and modular construction

We conceptualize, plan, manufacture and assemble all prefabricated units, plants in a modular design for all types of Industrial work.

Steel and apparatus construction

Here we realize appliances of any kind according to the specifications and the requirements of our clients as well as the specific and technical certifications.
All parts are cut to an exact measurement, pre-assembled and equipped for installation by our assembly crew.