Manufacturing fabrication

• Worldwide final acceptance inspections for power plant systems, including coordination and problem processing from order to delivery of the respective power plant system.

• Project-related supplier monitoring and support during the fabrication of steel structures in the defence industry.

• Permanent production monitoring and welding supervision, inspection and evaluation at suppliers.

Assembly of new plants

• Long-term project and site management of gas and combined cycle power plants / order processing up to commissioning of power plants and their ancillary systems.

• QA / QC management, monitoring of various construction sites new assemblies, with final documentation.

Maintenance and repairs

• Worldwide operations and overhauls, repair of gas turbines structural parts and repairs of gas turbine casings, exhaust gas housings and diffusers.

• Various modifications and maintenance of piping systems

• Mechanical rework of shut-off valves, housings and rotors

• Welding supervision during the maintenance work, as well as project-specific reconstruction projects, e.g. high-pressure steam pipelines, heat exchangers and waste heat steam generators.

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